Second Series of Call of Duty POP Vinyls incoming

Some of the best video games around are the first-person shooter games. We think that you’ll agree with us when we say that the first-person shooter video games offer players a chance at adventure, and offer some thrills and excitement in every twist and turn. Also, this type of game allows players to take ownership of the adventure, and puts the player in the heart of the action. This is exactly what video game fans have come to expect from Call of Duty, a first-person shooter game. It puts players in the middle of a war, and tests players when it comes to survival instinct and responsiveness. We love this game, and are even more excited to learn that Funko has released teasers for the game.

Get the new Call of Duty POP vinyls today for only $10.99 from Entertainment Earth




John McTavish


All Ghillied Up



We learned that this Call of Duty line now includes Riley, John McTavish, an All Ghillied Up character and Juggernaut.


Monkey Bomb


Spaceland Zombie

Also, we received news that you can now pre-order Game Stop and Target exclusives which include Monkey Bomb and Spaceland Zombie. If you are a true fan of COD then these Exclusives will make your collection even better! We love how the spaceland zombie is designed, especially the use of a blood splatter on the clothes and teeth that are ready to bite!

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