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Take a look at the Pirates of the Caribbean Dorbz

What do you get if you throw in an eccentric pirate, gold and adventure, the Caribbean and a few curses? Well, you will get the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, one of the best and exciting film series around. Compared to other film series and top movies, the effectiveness and popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean is not just about the story-line- it’s also about the characters that are included in the movie. Who can forget about the comical antics of Jack Sparrow, and the dark humor of Barbosa? These are adorable and memorable characters, and we are glad that Funko has paid attention to its popularity among moviegoers.

Collect your own today


Davy Jones


Jack Sparrow



Just recently, Funko announced the release of Pop and Dorbz figures inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. We have a Jack Sparrow Dorbz, a Davy Jones figure and Barbosa is also included in the collection. In fact, Funko offers two versions of Barbosa that will definitely appeal to fans of the series. Whatever you choose, this Barbosa Dorbz figure from Funko will serve as the perfect foil for Jack Sparrow. Among these figures, we love the Barbossa the most, thanks to its colorful character, as Captain of Black Pearl, and as a resurrected captain.

With these Dorbz, are you ready to rekindle the adventure of Jack Sparrow and the gang?


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