Here is the List of some of the POP vinyls we will be seeing emerge, Keep and eye n this list as it will be constantly changing

ImagesFranchiseEstimated time to release Order information
Kind Bob minions pop vinylDespicable Me: Minions w/ Eye Matie, Cro-Minion, King Bob, Au Naturel, Bored Silly, Kevin6/2015 JuneOrder information
Doctor who hot topic pop vinyl exclusiveDoctor Who6/2015 JuneOrdering information
Battlestar gallactica funko pop vinyls toy fair 2015Battlestar Galactica6/2015 JuneOrder information
Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora Pop! Vinyl FigureSleeping Beauty - Aurora6/2015 JuneOrdering Information
iron-man-unmasked-age-of-ultron-popAvengers 2: Age of ultron Iron Man Unmasked 6/2015 JuneOrder information
21-Jump-street-and-Super-Bad-pop-vinyls121 Jump Street6/2015 JuneOrdering information
red Daredevil Pop VinylsDareDevil Hot Topic Exclusive6/2015 JuneOrder Information
Ant-Man Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head FigureAnt Man7/2015 JulyOrder information
5338_Seth_POPSuperbad7/2015 JulyOrder information
OITNB_Alex vause pop vinylOrange is the New Black 7/2015 JulyOrder information
disney ariel blue dress funko pop vinylThe Little Mermaid Blue Dress Ariel 7/2015 JulyOrder information
Pop! TV- American Horror Story- Freak Show - Twisty Unmasked SDCCAmerican Horror Story: Freakshow7/2015 JulyOrder information
Cars at Toy Fair 2015 Disney Cars7/2015 JulyOrder information
Black widow funko pop vinylAvengers 2 Black Widow7/2015 JulyOrder information
unmasked darth vader pop vinylStar Wars Darth Vader Unmasked7/2015 JulyOrder information
4992_10_Dr_Who_PocketKeychainPOP_GlamDoctor Who Pocket Pops7/2015 JulyOrder information
Talladega-Nights-Cal-Naughton-Jr.-Pop-Vinyl-FigureTalladega Nights7/2015 JulyOrder information
funko batman arkham pop vinyls gamestopBatman: Arkham Knight7/2015 JulyOrder information
Dick Dastardly funko popHanna-Barbera Wave 1 Muttley, Dastardly, Secret Squirrel, Lil’ Gruesome, Morocco Mole7/2015 JulyOrder information
Ted 2 Ted with Remote Pop! Vinyl FigureTed 2 7/2015 JulyOrder information
Karate Kid Daniel Larusso Pop! Vinyl FigureThe Karate Kid7/2015 JulyOrder information
Harry potter funko pop vinylHarry Potter7/2015 JulyOrder information
Breton The Elder Scrolls Online Pop vinylElder Scrolls V, Elder Scrolls Online8/2015 AugustOrder information
Gigantor Pop! Vinyl FigureGigantor8/2015 AugustOrder information
phantom-purple-glam pop vinyl funkoThe Phantom8/2015 AugustOrder information
mean machine hanna barbera pop rideHanna-Barbera POP Ride, Mean Machine and Dastardly8/2015 AugustOrder information
4245_Munsters_Herman_hiresThe Munsters8/2015 AugustOrder information
the princess and the frog Louis funko pop vinylThe Princess and the Frog8/2015 AugustOrder information
tangled_-_rapunzel_pascal_pop_vinyl_figureTangled8/2015 AugustOrder information
Tie Fighter Pilot pop vinyl figureStar Wars w/ Unmasked Vader, Bib Fortuna, Nalan cheel, Tie Fighter, Boushh Leia, Tatooine Luke 8/2015 AugustOrder information
Agent Carter Pop! Vinyl funkoAgent Carter8/2015 AugustOrder Information
charlie-brown-peanuts-pop-vinyl-1Peanuts8/2015 AugustOrder information
Brotherhood of Steel fallout 3 pop vinylFall Out8/2015 AugustOrder information
4786_Nosferatu_HiresNosferatu8/2015 AugustOrder information
Horror Pocket Pop! Ghostface, Chucky, Billy Mini Vinyl Figure 3-Pack TinHorror Pocket POP Tin Billy - SAW, Chucky, Ghost Face9/2015 SeptemberOrder Information
Despicable Me 2 Mustache Carl Pop! Vinyl Figure - Entertainment Earth ExclusiveDespicable Me 2 Mustache Carl9/2015 SeptemberOrder information
Scarlet Witch Pop! to the Avengers- Age of Ultron Pop! Series!Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch 9/2015 SeptemberOrder information
Horror Pocket Pop! Freddy, Jason, Sam Mini Vinyl Figure 3-Pack TinHorror Pocket POP Tin w/ Jason, Sam and Freddy9/2015 SeptemberOrder Information
Adventure-time-pocket-popsAdventure Time Pocket Pop! Tin w/ BMO, Finn and Jake 9/2015 SeptemberOrder information
4785_PinHeadHellraiser Pinhead9/2015 SeptemberOrder information
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Fabrikations PlushNightmare Before Christmas Fabrikations Jack Skellington9/2015 SeptemberOrder Information
The-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-Pocket-Pop-Mini-Vinyl-Figure-3-Pack-TinNightmare Before Christmas Pocket POP Tin Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie9/2015 SeptemberOrder Information
Alice in Wonderland – Alice, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts10/2015 October
BioShock Infinite POP! series featuring – Big Daddy 6″ Super Sized, Little Sister, Booker DeWitt with and without Skyhook, Elizabeth, and Songbird 6″ Super Sized POP.10/2015 October
Sailor Moon POP Series featuring – Rini, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor with Luna10/2015 October
Black Jack Randall outlander funko pop vinylOutlander10/2015 OctoberOrder information
Toy Story – Buzz Light Year,Woody, Hamm and Rex10/2015 October
Soul EaterN/A
Hanna-Barbera Wave 2- Squiddly Diddly, Ricochet Rabbit, Penelope Pitstop and a Quick DrawN/A
funko-friends-phoebeFriends2/2016 February Order Information
once upon a time Funko POP rumplestiltskinOnce Upon A Time10/2015 OctoberOrder Information
Saved by the BellN/A
king arthur funko monty pythonMonty Python and the Holy Grail11/2015 November Order information
Shaun of the DeadN/A
Hot FuzzN/A
rocky horror picture show dr frank-n-furterRocky Horror Picture Show9/2015 SeptemberOrder Information
Tron ClassicN/A
Bob’s BurgersN/A
Fight ClubN/A
Galaxy QuestN/A
Kung Fu PandaN/A
Star Wars: The Force AwakensN/A
Tokyo GhoulN/A
Fairy TailN/A
Batman Arkham City w/ Cat woman, Scarecrow, Robin and Mr FreezeN/A
Death NoteN/A
Gears of WarN/A
Agents of SHIELD: Lola Pop RideN/A
A-Team: POP Ride Van N/A
The Evil WithinN/A
Huckleberry HoundN/A
Sailor MoonN/A
Orphan Black Felix funko pop vinylOrphan Black: FelixN/AOrder Information
arrow unmasked death stroke pop vinylArrow: Un-Masked Death Stroke N/AOrder Information
Horror Pocket Pop! Ghostface, Chucky, Billy Mini Vinyl Figure 3-Pack TinHorror Pocket POP Tin w/ Billy, Chucky and Ghostface9/2015 SeptemberOrder Information
The A-TeamN/A
Leeloo the fifth element POP! vinylThe Fifth Element10/2015 OctoberOrder Information
Dark CrystalN/A
Top GunN/A
My Little Pony Pocket Pop Tin Set w/ Dr. Whooves, Twighlight and CelestiaN/A
National Lampoon’s N/A
Weird ScienceN/A
fatamy pitch perfect FunkoPitch PerfectTBAOrder information
rocky horror picture show dr frank-n-furterRocky Horror Picture ShowTBAOrder Information
Funko Peanuts OlafPeanuts - Olaf Target ExclusiveTBAOrder Information
sherlock holmesSherlock10/2015 OctoberOrder Information
BioShock Big Daddy 6-Inch Pop! Vinyl FigureBioShock10/2015 OctoberOrder Information
Andre the giant pop vinylAndre The Giant, Total Divas, Sting POP’s10/2015 OctoberOrder Information
Nature Boy Ric Flair POP VinylWWE Ric Flair Nature BoyTBAOrder Information
The Exorcist Regan POP Vinyl FunkoThe Exorcist Regan9/2015 SeptemberOrder Information
Dr Ephraim Goodweather funkoThe Strain10/2015 OctoberOrder Information
mother ghost funkoCrimson Peak9/2015 SeptemberOrder Information
funko pumpkin kingNightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin KIng9/2015 SeptemberOrder Information
Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Pop! Vinyl FigureNapoleon Dynamite9/2015 SeptemberOrder information